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Donald Trump: Super Savior?

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Dick Kulpa as the super hero ALDERMANIt worked in Loves Park, Illinois in the 80s when then-Ald. Dick Kulpa donned superhero tights and often single-handedly saved his city, so why not nationally? IUDEXonline is looking at potential presidential "super heroes" who just may possess enough moxie to get our great country back on track. Politicians, celebs and other public figures may all find themselves in tights.
Stay tuned, you never know who you might see in spandex here. If you have any suggestions, send 'em on!

We Thought Donald Trump Would Be America's Super Hero
Donald Trump in Superhero tights

Due to his business savvy and impressive successes, we really thought Donald Trump would be the leader of this country's dreams, 'til the boisterous birther booked after President Obama produced Bin Laden's death certificate. Disappointed as we were, the Donald nonetheless exists as yet another politician (wannabe) we've wrapped in spandex.



NEXT: President Obama in Tights!
Stay tuned as we add another "hero" each week.
.Dick Kulpa selfie caricature
(Bonus: See Dick Kulpa's latest self caricature)

Looking for a real superhero to lead America President Obama in superhero tights Donald Trump in tights

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