Today's Economy, as Explained by Candy Bars

For thirty-some years candy bars sold at a standard five cents each — but after President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard in the early 70s, candy bars soared in price — incrementally — over the next 30 years.

In 1972 my then-$4 per hour wage earned me 80 candy bars an hour. Today's kids earning $8 an hour are lucky if they can buy 10 of these goodies.

In the late 1930s through the 1970s, comic books sold for 10-12 cents each.
Nowadays these things are going for $3-$5 each!
Whereas in 1972 I could buy 32 of these gems at my then-wage, today's kids working at comparable wages can only afford two.

Do the math, then apply this to today's necessities, such as homes, cars and essential services.
Economic recovery? The reality here is nuttier than the stories we've posted.

— Dick Kulpa, Publisher, Iudex Online

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Why This Economy Can't Be Fixed
Economy is like giant venus flytrap

Like that giant Venus Flytrap that just couldn't get enough in The Little Shop of Horrors, money continues to be thrown at the economy via so-called bailouts and stimulus packages as our $13.5 trillion national debt keeps on growing and growing (National Debt Clock)

What these Ivory-tower dwellers fail to grasp is this: costs — especially for essential services — have risen way beyond the means of most debt-laden wage-earners.

Disconcertingly, no "financial expert" I've spoken with during the past year disagrees, "This is definitely a 'War on the Middle Class,' " admitted one advisor.

Is 'Meltdown' the Biblical Beast?
The monster flytrap cartoon got us to thinking. Is this gigantic economic crisis, fueled by greed, corruption excess — and evil — the Biblical "Beast" we've all heard about?
Stay tuned. 2012 is right around the corner!

The only thing bailouts and stimulus infusions accomplish is to keep this skewed economic situation going, and sadly, the fat cats afloat. (Let's hope the latter wasn't their main purpose.)

Unless Americans suddenly get whopping raises — or if prices suddenly take a substantial nosedive — the economy cannot be fixed.

I have ideas as what should be done, but if I were that smart, I'd be rich and not having to sit here plunking a computer keyboard. However the economy gets turned around, it's going to take a great deal of resolve and effort. On everyone's part.

— Dick Kulpa, Publisher, IUDEXonline


Today's New 'Red Menace' is Us!

According to House Banking Committee member Rep. Ron Paul (R) Texas, we're in hock to China to the tune of $2.5 TRILLION — and counting!cartoon shows Chinese noose around Uncle Sam's neck

Concurrently, China is now testing a "Super carrier killer" missile designed to blow the U.S.S. Enterprise and other flattops to smithereens, enough to make "911" look like a cakewalk. In the face of this and other new threats, we're cutting our defense. Why? For one big reason, we owe too much to China!

Let's just hope the Chinese are using the same materials/manufacturing processes applied in all that defective home insulation they sold us.

Keep all this in mind next time you buy something "Made in China" — or outsource work to them. These folks are "bad noose!"

cartoon about high oil prices
china syndrome cartoon

Cartoons show how we are outsourcing ourselves into oblivion. Click to enlarge - hit your browser's "back" button to return.

We continue to deal with a country exporting leaded paint-laden merchandise, poisoned products, defective insulation and who knows what else. Our defense grid chronically endures Chinese cyber attacks, and the Chinese military continues to develop killer weaponry targeting "you-know-who." Our response? We willingly finance our "Chinese friends."

It's high time we stop doing business with the "still very much Communist" China. Common sense dictates this: If we cannot afford the defense againt their offensive weaponry, there is no sense in our continuing to finance their offensive weaponry.

Alas, the "New Red Menace" may well be our own "in the red" debt!

Do the Math: Shipping American Jobs to China is NOT Good for America!

mitt romney bain capital chinese rockford abenger freeport illinois 170 jobs cartoonWe view the recent wholesale transfer of 170 Freeport, Illinois jobs to abroad not to mention the entire production capacity of America over the past decade as "not healthy for the American economy."

Keep in mind, China is still very much a full-fledged communist dictatorship, and is not our friend.

A common perception exists that the Chinese practically "own" America, so what better time and place to start taking our country back than here? Mitt Romney, are you paying attention? WE asked this back when this was posted in September 2012. Mitt ignored it.

On the other hand, there are lots of inexpensive "Learn the Chinese language" lessons on the Internet, so either way, you'll want to be prepared for the future.

(The "Rockford Avenger" first appeared on Rockford Mass Transit buses as a placard comic strip back in 1975



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